The Garden




Our garden is one of the few green courtyards left in the city centre of Salzburg. You may here enjoy your breakfast, take a lazy afternoon siesta or delight in a warm summer night. Here it is easy to escape the hustle & bustle of the city for a couple of refreshing hours. And its huge trees offer cooling shade,  peace of mind and inspiration just like W.A. Mozart found it during his years in Salzburg.


Mozart composed a large part of his renowned oeuvre during his time in Salzburg i.e. five violin concertos in his residence (=Tanzmeisterhaus) in the right corner of our inner courtyard. There he lived between autumn 1773 until the end of 1780, with interruptions for longer travels.


In this garden courtyard, family Mozart also regularly played skittles as proven by an entry in his sister Maria Anna´s diary, which in fact Wolfgang Amadé himself wrote on 29 August 1780: „on the 92nd [as a joke for 29th] half 8 service, then with Lodron and Mayrischen. In the afternoon Feiner and paymaster were with us. Played skittles. Took a walk at 7…beautiful weather.“ Joseph Feiner was chamberlain and oboist in the court band, the paymaster was Franz Vinzenz Lankmayr. Playing skittles with friends was a regular popular pastime of the Mozarts.