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Home office the other way


You are totally stressed out at home? The internet is too slow? You find no peace and tranquility to work?


Why don´t you rent a home-office with us? In our unique atmosphere you can focus and concentrate on your work. Not on your dining desk with kids running around but on your own working desk in your own room. In between your working sessions you enjoy your tea-/coffeebreak in our Moroccan lounge. And for creative walks Kapuzinerberg, Mirabell Gardens and the river Salzach are just around the corner.

Doesn´t home-office sound sweet all of a sudden?



+ fast WIFI 100MBit Cablelink Salzburg AG
+ Nespresso coffee machine & kettle
+ your own space
+ unique ambience
+ your own toilet/bathroom
+ central location, near Makartplatz


Per week from €99 (Mon–Fr 5 days)